Let’s get this out of the way early on; if you didn’t know it already, I’m a big history geek.

I studied the American Revolution for my VCE History class and it rocked my world. Ever since I’ve been a little addicted to discovering the places I read about in my text books back in a classroom that stood in paddocks, in middle-of-nowhere Australia.

I was fortunate to spend a weekend in Philadelphia with a friend while on tour with a show, and it was grand. We headed in from Wilmington Delaware, by train, unfortunately there were only business class seats left… sigh. It’s a tough life.

We hit the city hard, walking all over it and seeing the sights. We got lost in the old part of town, down gorgeous cobblestone lanes lined with immaculate, colonial brick houses. I trod on George Washington’s garden, and I saw THE LIBERTY BELL! (I told you I was a history geek! I get really excited by this stuff.)

I also saw Benjamin Franklin’s tombstone, though it is debated whether he is actually buried there. Along the lines of Mr Franklin, we stayed at the Embassy Suites, which is located at 1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. I mean COME ON! Geek out with me! It was a nice hotel, my only gripe, we were rudely awaken by a fire alarm and forced to walk down stairs. Not their fault, I know.

In one town square there are a series of oversized playing pieces- such as the giant Monopoly iron pictured above, dominos, chess pieces, etc. They make for great photos.

Another wonderfully quirky section of the city was filled with garrulously painted buildings and covered in large mosaic murals, along with fun monster style rubbish bins.

Philadelphia is also the home of Rocky; the boxer, and I climbed the famed stairs outside a museum, where there was a gorgeous view of the city skyline.

My walking tour of Philadelphia also visited a number of Philadelphia’s theatres, of which there are many.


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