I arrived in Wilmington, Delaware via train from New York to meet a friend and producing partner who was in town with the national tour of Beauty and the Beast. I had been shipped out to do some producing work on the musical we were workshopping, and he thought it would be a great opportunity for me to see some more of the country, and some places that I wouldn’t normally see.

Wilmington was a gorgeous little town, that had recently undergone a bit of an urban centre revival. Old dilapidated buildings were being refreshed into bright, colourful storefronts, like those pictured above.

It was a bit of a banking town, many of the major banks seemed to have office towers there, which made it a little quiet during the week. The theatre my friend was working in was gorgeous, and located inside a giant hotel, not the hotel we were staying at.

On my first day the sun was shining gloriously so we headed out for a walk to see what was on offer. There was a gorgeous little river walk, green and serene, and a large cemetery that we considered returning to for a ghost hunt (but we didn’t.)

Possibly the greatest discovery in Wilmington though was a series of connected restaurants and cafes that served the greatest alcoholic beverage I’ve ever had. It was called a Sunset Lemonade. A mixture of traditional hand squeezed lemonade, with raspberry, and various alcohols. It was amazing. I wish I knew exactly what was in it so I could replicate it. But no luck. So easy to drink. Which I guess makes it pretty dangerous too. By the end of the brief stint we had the whole cast of the show hooked on them. The whole week was once again filled with great food too.

Outside one of the other venues in town we noticed that there was an impersonator playing- he was doing Dame Edna, which just seemed absurd, especially considering Dame Edna isn’t a real person in the first place.

Wilmington is only a short train trip away from Philadelphia and in the middle of this stay we took the opportunity to visit there as well.

Another area of riverfront Wilmington had also undergone a bit of renewal (pictured below). Again a nice river walk awaited you, this time with fancy restaurants. It was gorgeous. Not all of Wilmington had undergone this revival though.

Foolishly I wanted McDonald’s at one point and we headed out to the only one in the area. It was not in a nice part of town. We didn’t stay long.

Lesson learned.


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